Saturday, 18 January 2014

Rhys and I on our anniversary weekend!

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! I know, it's a little late. I got back to Lincoln yesterday! New term now, it's my second semester at University! How strange, me and Rhys were saying how fast it seems to be going! It feels like it was only yesterday that I was unpacking all of my things here and saying bye to my parents. Life is good, though. I'm enjoying it here so much, healthy eating (well, trying. The jar of Nutella is tempting, not gonna lie.) But I have decided that this term, I'm going to make sure I do loads of work to the best standard I can. I'll keep up with all of the reading, and make sure I watch Business-related stuff on TV (Every little helps, aha.)

I was taking a walk around the city centre this afternoon, I picked up some new earrings and a ring. As I walked through the campus and into the city, I realised how lovely Lincoln is as a city. I am proud to be studying here. Lincoln will always be special to me now, I've already built up so many memories here! I looked up at the Cathedral and imagined graduating there - wow! That will be a proud moment.

My friends are all enjoying University too, I don't think they can quite believe how fast our first semester went! Rhys (boyfriend) is at York, he's enjoying his course (Social and Political Sciences) at the moment. He's been doing lots of reading for seminars, essay plans, etc. He's working really hard already this term! I visited on 10th-13th January, it was really, really good! I love visiting York, the city is gorgeous, I think that city will hold a place in my heart also. I love visiting also because his house are great! They're all like my second flatmates, I am so lucky! Next,  Lewis, who's at Nottingham, seems to be enjoying his course (Neuroscience), he's had exams this January, I think he felt stressed, but I know he'll do well - he always does, he works too hard not too! Then there's Simon, he seems to be enjoying his course. I know he had no exams, but he studies History so he's had a fair few essays from what I've heard! Laura said she's loving Reading University, apparently her course (Biology) is really good and she has made loads of friends, which I'm really happy about! Ashley who's at De Montfort said he's enjoying his course (Business Management and Accounting) also - He's had exams this January too! He said he's found a house now with his Uni friends which is good news! I was glad to see him over the holidays, we had some fun days/nights out! Dee didn't go to Uni as she's getting a job, I've been with her for much of the Christmas break, which was nice because I didn't get to see her for three months! I love going over to see her and her family. We both went for a meal at Zizzi the other night courtesy of my Mum's gift card, it was delicious and free! I will definitely be Skyping them all this term, I like hearing how my home friends are getting on.

It was great seeing my family too, I know they've missed me, I've missed them too. My dogs were all really happy to see me! I felt quite sad leaving them all again, but being back here makes me realise the bigger picture, and it's all worth it. I'll make sure to call them often though, I Skype Nan and Granddad every Wednesday anyway, which is always nice I think.

I managed to get through Breaking Bad, Gossip Girl and currently Desperate Housewives since September 2013, which is definitely an achievement. They were all so good! Definitely up in my favourites, along with Heroes (still number one). I think I'll have to cut down on junk TV this term though, I need to do well if I want to succeed! (Deep, I know.)

Strange thought - writing a blog always makes me think of A Level English Language, we used to analyse them all the time! I've been thinking that the whole time, which has probably influenced my writing style.. I'll be quiet!


I'll update you soon!


Monday, 25 November 2013

The University Life

Hi everyone,

An update on The University Life:

Firstly, I'd just like to tell you all a few things as I haven't posted in soooooo long! 
I'm studying Business and Management at The University of Lincoln in the UK. I'm originally from the UK, and I'm 19 in less than a month.

The University Stigma
- No sleep
- No work
- Lots of Sex
- Supernoodles
- Poor student

Obviously I can't speak for everybody in the world at Uni, but I can say, for me, the partying has been pretty intense, especially in the first week! Of course, it has died down a little now (mainly because I'm poor and have loads of deadlines).
No Sleep - My sleeping pattern is a little shaken, but you get used to it.
No Work - I don't know about others, but this is definitely not true for me! I am up to my eyeballs in deadlines! Freshers don't have to work is a myth! It may be easier, but certainly not easy.
Lots of Sex - I have a boyfriend, so this isn't going to be realistic for me as I haven't had this experience at Uni, but I can say I know a good 50/50 who have had lots of sex since starting Uni, and who haven't.
Supernoodles - ARE TOTALLY OVERRATED! They don't fill you up, I rarely have them (if I do, they are a snack!), and this whole "all students eat is supernoodles" is quite frankly, bullshit.
Poor Student - True, true, true, true! At the beginning of term - you are god. At the end - freezer food is a must. All I eat is processed food, some veg and the odd salad nowadays! 

The Experience so far
I absolutely love Uni so far, my course, the friends I've made have all been amazing. I've only been here since 22nd September and it already feels like home to me. I feel so lucky to have such great friends here already. Although we do go on nights quite often, there are so many times where we're just sitting in the kitchen chatting, going shopping together, secret santa, watching the christmas lights be turned on! We also have a great group thing where a few watch Breaking Bad, an American TV programme on Netflix which is good too.

Home Friends
I've heard from all of my home friends, they all seem to be having a great time and settling in! My boyfriend Rhys is really enjoying his time at Uni, he loves all of his flatmates and has really started getting into it now which is lovely.
Christmas Time
I go home really, really late this term! 20th December! Plus, I have four lectures on my last day - awful! However, I am very much looking forward to going home. I will miss my Uni friends so much, but it will be lovely to recharge my batteries, see my family and friends, have some home cooked food and see my pets!

Well, that's all I had to say really, other than that - I hope you are all having a wonderful time this November, I'll update weekly!

 Brayford Pool - The whole city is based around the river, this was on a gorgeous autumn day, the air was crisp and Lincoln looked amazing.

The city at night, not a great photo except you can see the cathedral in the background, and the light reflecting from the water looks pretty cool
A night where we all dressed as Where's Wally! There were so many more of us, probably double the size! But this photo shows a few of our outfits!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


First things first: My name is Ellesse, I'm 18 and from the Midlands, UK.

- I've decided to write a blog as my life is going to be changing in the coming months because of University. I'm hoping to go to The University of Lincoln to study Business and Management. A Level results are going to be released on Thursday 15th August and I will find out if I've gotten into Lincoln or not. I'd like to document things that I've been up to, and how things are changing - new people I meet, how my course is going, how Lincoln is, and many more things.

I also have a boyfriend of almost two years, his name is Rhys and he's also 18. I will also probably update of anything we do, for example - we are planning to go to Duxford Air museum (I love planes, and he promised that once he could drive he would take me). But you will most likely hear a lot about Rhys!

We will be meeting up lots when we're both at University, which we're both looking forward to!

(left to right) Rhys, ,me, Simon, Lewis 
Laura, me

Ashley, me, Dee

I also have six best friends who I've known throughout my time at College. These six have been there through exams, good and bad times. We're all going to study different things and go into different jobs: Rhys - Social and Political Sciences, Simon - History, Lewis - Neuroscience, Laura - Biology, Ashley - Business Management and Accounting, Dee - A job in IT.  I definitely hope to keep in contact with all of them at University, and I'm 100% sure I will! 

George, Sidney, Molly
Finally, I live in a family of four, have one sister, 3 dogs, a tortoise and a rabbit. They're all great and I will miss them all lots at University!

I hope you'll enjoy my blog! I'll be posting my A Level results on Thursday - wish me luck!